One Time I Tried…

Once I tried domestication, and accidentally turned into someone else. I wanted so much to be one of those women, the ones with the smiles, the doting families, the Scentsy-infused living rooms, the halos.

Didn’t last long, and then Coyote ran across the road, as I drove away to nowhere, morning sun across her back.

Run, baby, run,” she called out.

I know she was calling to me.

So I retired the apron and the guilt, and now just dabble a little with wooden spoons, herbs, a sweet potato or two. No list of daily to-do’s. Saute’ a little red onion, rinse off a can of pinto beans, gather and stir, but always with the door slightly open, to remind me I’m free.

Once a runner, always one. Coyote always knows.


Stirring It Up


Amazon is my favorite “place” to shop, and I usually always have something in my cart. My Amazon shopping strategy is to spend way too much time searching, looking at recommended products (and by “products” I mean books), and reading reviews (especially the awful ones-they are fascinating!!). I’ve found so many wonderful books by looking through the recommended/similar books, and the “other people purchased” lists-books I’d never have even heard of if it weren’t for the Amazon lists.

During one such relaxing, tea-sipping peruse, I found the “Oh She Glows” cookbook. It is a vegan cookbook, and has simple ingredient lists and beautiful photography (and a lot of it). I don’t like cookbooks without amazing, glossy, full-color photos. It’s probably because cooking intimidates me, and I’m not all that great at it. I like to have a photo example to work toward! I am not vegan, but love the idea of relying on more meatless protein sources.

So late this afternoon, I put brown rice in the steamer, and an hour and a half later, I daringly reached for my wooden spoon and a can of chickpeas. The final product was flavorful, healthy, and looked just about as great as the photo in the book! I was very, very proud of my little self, not just because the recipe turned out so well, but because I planned ahead, and dammit, because I cooked. I cooked. I am congratulating myself every time I cook now, because I deserve it!

Even when the dish doesn’t come out especially well, I still deserve a pat on the back, because it takes a lot of time, energy and planning to create a meal-even if it’s just a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s still effort, and effort matters. We put forth effort when we care. And when we care, life can get really delicious.

Review: Body of Truth by Harriet Brown

So basically, I will never read another dieting book again.

cover59146-mediumBody of Truth by Harriet Brown is the absolute tell-all of dieting truth. The author beautifully illustrating her own life-long struggle with weight, as well as her daughter’s heart-wrenching battle with a severe and life-threatening eating disorder. The book is packed with scientific and statistical information about health, dieting, and the history of the dieting industry. The statistic that has actually realigned my thinking on health and dieting is that only 3%–THREE PERCENT–of dieters who lose weight will keep the weight off for more than five years.

And what do we do? We lose, we regain, we lose, we regain more, we lose, we regain again. It is a never-ending cycle of self-hatred and negative self-talk. We loathe what we are, and the dieting industry, and much of our western culture, in general, fully supports us in that loathing.

The author poses the question of what if I am ok the way I am? What if being healthy and weight loss are not as significantly and intimately connected as we’ve been taught? Brown truly gets to the heart of health and weight-loss, two topics which she stresses do necessarily actually go hand-in-hand. Her findings and statements are heavily backed by scientific studies and research. Brown does not expect the reader to simply take her word for it.

This book is phenomenal. It is not a light read, by any means. It contains heavy emotional topics as well as a great deal of clinical and scientific information. But, I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone who is concerned with weight and health, either their own or someone else’s. The book is a true eye-opener as to what good health truly means.

This book hit so close to home for me. I’ve dieted so many times, and so drastically, and so have the majority of my friends, family, coworkers, basically everyone I’ve ever know. This book was a wake-up call to look at myself and my health differently, and not to trust so blindly in what I’ve always been told. A special thanks to this author for sharing her story, and for working so hard on this book. It could not have been an easy undertaking.

Thank you to Perseus Books Group/Da Capo Press for providing me with a free electronic, pre-release copy of the book, via the NetGalley reviewer platform. I was not required to write a review of the book. The opinions stated here are strictly my own.

Simple and Strange

The flies here are big and strange. They seem to dance for one another. They might be bees. But I haven’t yet been stung.

The old people keep getting sick. One is in Intensive Care, again. People don’t belong in hospitals. I want to walk through the prairie grass across the field, lie down under the sun, and make things stop for a moment.

But nothing ever stays the same.

The girl and I will eat beans tonight. Plain, and simple. Perhaps simplicity will slow it all down.