Well, Now…

wpid-20150103_232426_hagrid_vignette_cornered.jpgNow, that’s a reading.

I just started my first week’s lesson in the much anticipated Alternative Tarot ecourse at Little Red Tarot.

Oh, how I love that blog, and I knew her class would be fabulous…and it is! It’s a six week course in tarot awesomeness, for merely $25. And since I am lucky enough to have a birthday in seven days, as soon as I got the email saying the class was available, I signed up.

Happy birthday to me!!!


Review: The Mother’s Wisdom Deck


I’ve mentioned my spending problem recently. Well, although the negative aspects of overspending are many, I do have to admit that I have bought some really amazing things. One of those things is The Mother’s Wisdom Deck, which I purchased on one of my frequent trips to Barnes and Noble (the barista in the B&N Starbuck’s actually has my order memorized…venti-sugar-free-caramel-frappacino-with-soy-milk-and-light-whip-and-a-pizza-stuffed-pretzel…not really the easiest order, and I don’t live in a rural area…that was kind of my first clue that I had a problem with spending, lol).

This is an absolutely beautiful oracle deck, with such pretty, gift-set packaging. The hardcover display cover holds the deck, as well as a wonderful, full-color guide book, with lovely descriptions and explanations for each of the vibrantly colored cards. What I love the most about these cards is the way nature and the Divine Feminine shine through so vividly in the gorgeous artwork. The colors used are just amazing. Each card is so detailed, and provides such wonderful images for meditation. After I draw cards for the day, I enjoy displaying them on my personal altar. My daughter is drawn to the cards, as well. They are beautifully delicate images, with so much detail and symbolism, but they also have color and imagery that naturally draws children. (I love this deck so much that I’m afraid I’m running out of adjectives to describe it!!)

The card descriptions in the guide book are two to three pages each, and contain quotes, meditations, and reminders of the beautiful, but often difficult, aspects of a woman’s life. There is truth here, not silly nonsense.

Above are the two cards I drew today, which, interestingly, were Swan (representing the qualities of grace) and Lake (representing the qualities of serenity)…after I draw the cards, I meditate on the images until I feel I have come away with how the images apply to and reach out to me, and how I feel when looking at them. Only then, I turn to the lovely guide book, and read the authors’ descriptions of the images. I’ve never been disappointed with a reading. For those cardomancers who appreciate a deck that addresses reverse readings, this set is even more special. The authors provide inverse keywords for each card (I’m a big fan of inverse readings!!).

This set would be a wonderful gift for any mother or motherly person, regardless of faith path, and regardless of whether or not the receiver of your gift is a tarot or oracle deck fan. As a pagan, I of course naturally gravitate to the images of nature in the deck. As an artist, I swoon over the artwork. And as a woman, the words and images touch me very deeply. Definitely a purchase I am thrilled with, and a deck that I treasure.